I will do almost anything for $9999.00

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Hi, I am Victor the SnakeMannn!

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Yes it's True! I will do almost anything for $9999.00! Or any part there of. If you have money and want me to do something, email me at snakemannn@aol.com and make an offer. If the offer is accepted, you pay me on my paypal and I do the deed! I will not do anything illegal or eat anything. I will not harm or hurt myself or others or any animal. So let the games BEGIN!!!! I will record every offer that is accepted and done and put it on my Youtube!!!

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Being unemployed in Nevada's 14.4% unemployment,
I survive on tips, so please help. Thanks!

If whatever it is that you want me to do requires me to travel anywhere for anything, you must pay the travel expenses to wherever it is that I need to go. Like I said above, I will do almost anything anywhere so email me and make an offer!!!

Do you want me to wash your car? Do you want me to paint myself blue? Do you want me to walk your dogs? Do you want me to run around in my underwear yelling your myspace address? If you can think it and want to pay me, maybe I will do it! Come up with an idea and how much you think it's worth for me to do! If any idea costs anything to do, the cost comes extra to what you pay me, i.e. if you want your companies Logo tattood on my body, you pay me and you pay for the tattoo!!!!

New News

Ok, well there is more below, but immediately my health has taken a slight turn for the worse. I don't know if it is my riding my bicycle 10 miles a day out in the 105+ heat here in Las Vegas, or just not being able to take care of my Gall Bladder and not having the meds for it anymore are making it more problematic in my life. It's kind of wiping me out. I am having severe pain in my gut, major fatigue as well as other things I will not go into. I know a lot of people are saying "Yeah Victor, work through the Pain!!!" I have been doing just that for the past 4 years since it first started and put me in the hospital. I have tried to take care of it by changing my diet and eating a lot of fruits and juices. I have not had a cold in 2 years but now I am starting to have the pain and symptoms and fatigue back again. Most people would just go to the Doctor, but I do not have a Doctor, no insurance. Everyone keeps writing me to just go to an ER, but 1, I do not have the money to house my dog Sofie while I am in the Hospital. 2, I still need to sell stuff to pay bills and rent and be able to eat. I have been all over Las Vegas killing myself filling out applications and going to interviews for jobs they are just not hiring me for. In 2 years of being here and over 1000 applications filled out, I have received 4 calls and 2 interviews and 0 jobs.

Jobs I could do in Las Vegas. I can work some Retail, Jewelry Repair, Sales, Management etc..., I can do Internet work, HTML and Web Design, Myspace sites, Myspace Design, Photography, Management, Personal Assistant, Driver, (Sober 26 1/2 years, no tickets since Jan 03), Guitar, Keyboard, Drum and Bass Tech, Stage, Tour and Production Manager. I could also use an Investor. If I could get to Festivals, Bike Runs, Conventions and Street fair type events and set up a booth with my jewelry, I could make a good profit. Email me at snakemannn@aol.com for details.

So I guess I will just continue what I am doing and "Work through the pain!!!" But if for some reason I die, I just want to say thanks for being my friends and I enjoyed your friendship on Myspace and some in real life. Don't cry for me. Just pray for our troops who are fighting for our freedom and all the people doing worse than I am. I do still look forward to meeting as many of you all as I can and wanted to see my Jewelry on as many of you as I could. So Thanks again for being my friends here!

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Everything that I do will be posted here. So who will be the first one to pay me and get me to do something? Will it be YOU???

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Life! Liberty! and....

Victor the SnakeMannn
Jewelry Designer to the Stars

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